So, my first post on WordPress. I’m setting this up from the rig, so WordPress is helpfully letting me know it’s also available in Norwegian.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with this blog. I’ve been looking for an avenue to lay down thoughts and ideas for a while now. I thought to start using my old LiveJournal account again, but in my absence it’s kinda devolved into a bit of a social dustbowl. I hear people mention LJ’s decline offhandedly but I haven’t heard about it in detail yet.

Then I thought I’d start using Google+ for that function and for a while it looked like it’d be awesome, but then Google got stupid with the whole pseudonym thing and some of my friends started leaving/getting thrown out. As time’s gone on, I’ve become less and less enamored of Google’s identity policies and their plans for expanding that across their services. I’m not going to be leaving the Google ecosystem anytime soon, but I’m a lot more wary now of what I do there. At any rate, the thought of using it for blogging (via public/protected posts) is a non-starter. If blogging is a way to get your message out as widely as possible, it’s hardly productive to use a platform that won’t let some people participate. Then I found out that Google+ only saves your last 250 posts; at post #251, you need the direct link to the post to see it. That was the last nail in Google+’s blogging coffin as far as I’m concerned. Blogger’s not going to happen either. That’s so 2002.

So, here I am. I may yet move this to my own site with, but either way I’m going to do my best to make it work. I used LiveJournal for about eight years. Let’s see if I can beat my old high score.