Reflections and Projections

It’s been far too long since I got in here. 2011 was a pretty good year for me, all told. I lost 30 pounds and got down to my target weight. I sold my first story. I got a nice promotion at work. I finally went to Gencon after years of wanting to go. I got to know a lot of great people in writing and publishing. When the year began, almost none of that was on the radar. Hell, most of it was squarely in the “wouldn’t it be cool if…” box. There were downsides too, of course, but I think I can safely say that 2011 was the best year I’ve had in quite a while.

So as 2012 begins (I know, I know, we’re already 2 months into it…), I have to wonder what life has in store for me. I’m not resting on my laurels, though. I sold one story last year; this year I’m going to try for at least two sales. I’ve already got my tickets for Gencon. And I’m sure as hell not about to gain back the weight I lost. 🙂